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Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad was formed in 1980 by several dedicated community members for the purpose of providing lifesaving emergency care to their community.

Jeb Stuart serves the larges most densely populated area of Patrick, VA

Jeb Stuart now has a fleet of three type I Ambulances that are Advance Life support certified and a quick response vehicle. ALS support for the county.

Jeb Stuart first moved into thier first permanent location after 10 years of service.

In the early 2000's after the collapse of the economy, donations slowed to a trickle. In 2005, Jeb Stuart instituted the first fee for service in Patrick County. If not for the fee for service, Jeb Stuart would have ceased providing emergency services in 2006.

Jeb Stuart fee for service, is a "Soft billing technique". With soft billing. Jeb Stuart only takes what insurance can pay or what the patient can afford to pay and all other fees are forgiven.


Mission statement

The mission of this organization is to save lives, administer emergency medical care, teach and promote safety, and to provide rescue services and emergency transportation to the public at such a time as it may be needed.


About us

We respond to approximately 800 -1200 emergency calls each year. JSVRS is composed of approximately 40 members. Each member certification ranges from EVOC, CPR and First Aid, EMT-Basic to EMT Paramedic

JSVRS provides emergency care to the citizens of Patrick County, Virginia. Primarily, JSVRS serves the citizens of Stuart, Patrick Springs, Critz, Spencer, and Moorefield Store.

History of Jeb Stuart Rescue Squad


Construction on new building

Construction began on the new building adding additional office space, and a community room.

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We are always accepting applications for new volunteers. We could use your help.

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